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Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Oak Class!

Year 3&4 2021


We are so excited to welcome you all back to school in September! In our class we strive to be the best we can be. We listen to others; we care for one another, our resources and our world and we always give 100% to all we do. 


Class Information


Teachers: Mr C Blewitt

TA: Mrs Hastie



PE will be on Mondays. Swimming will be on Tuesdays.


Forest School

Forest School is on Mondays. Please make sure wellies are in school as well as coats and warm clothing.




Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2 2022

Stone Age Experience Day

Oak class have enjoyed a visit from a Stone Age man! The children have thrived on the knowledge shared with them today!

Heart of England Forest


Week 1 - Stone Age Topic Session

The Stone Age is divided into three periods; the Palaeolithic (old Stone Age), Mesolithic (middle Stone Age) and the Neolithic (new Stone Age).  This week the children learnt about the three stages whilst in the forest.  


Week 2 - Maths Session


This week at the forest, the focus was on Maths.  The children learnt to estimate and to create bar graphs using natural resources from the forest.  They estimated the number of trees in the forest, the distance to the barn, the height of specific trees and the temperature of the forest.  They then drew their bar graphs before building it.  They also had time to play and explore the forest.

Week 3 - Survival

This week we learnt how to survive in the forest.  We found out which items worked best to filter water.  We used layers of sand, leaves and mud in a plastic bottle then poured dirty water through until the water ran clear.  In the afternoon we learnt to recognise berries that are not poisonous in the forest, then we pick some rosehips and other berries.


Week 4 - Maths (measuring)

This week we used our math's skills to measure quantities to make cakes utilising the berries we foraged the week before.  The berries had been cooked on the fire, then poured into a silver foil package along with a spoonful of cake mixture.  The cakes were then cooked on the fire - they were delicious!

Week 5 - Claude Monet Style Art

This week we looked at some of Monet's artwork, then discussed what we liked about it, what was the same and what was different. We then had a go at painting in the style of Monet using tache marks and al al a prima. In the afternoon, we walked to the pond and used pastels to create a picture of the pond in Monet style.

Week 6 - Maths (Direction)

This week we learnt about direction, which way is left/right, what a quarter, half, three quarter and whole turn was.  Once we had mastered this we learnt where north, south, east and west were and how to use a compass.  We discussed different types of maps and created out own before using these skills to follow directions to our destination.

Egyptian Experience Day

Oak class have had an amazing Egyptian experience day! They have shown how much knowledge they have, they have learnt many more facts and took part in mummification and a funeral walk to lay the mummy to rest in the coffin.